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2024 Class dates to be announced soon

cost 575.00

It's been awhile so I think it's time to host a few classes! I will cover everything you will need to do simple sand casting at home. We are 45 minutes from Gerald R Ford airport and there is a Holiday Inn Express 15 min away in the top 100 small towns in  American Hasting Michigan. You need to bring nothing as we provide all shop supplies, light breakfast, snacks, drinks and a tasty lunch whipped up by the lovely Stitch. Class size in limited to assure that everyone gets what they paid for and is not standing around waiting for a machine or me to help them. You will leave with the knowledge needed to do casting-pattern making at home, 1-2 handmade patterns that you will make and a few cast parts from those pattern. I cover how to make all the needed equipment for your foundry for under 200.00 so its fun and affordable!

if you have any question please reach out to me 


616 295 4857