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Hello Gang! 

I have had quite a bit of activity on the website since the airing of the the show Monday! By now you see I build gas caps and this is how the friendship between Mike and myself started. My wife and I where on vacation in Mexico a few years ago and I turned off my phone for the duration of the 2 week trip. After getting back into the states of course my phone blew up and one of the messages was Hello this is Mike Wolfe call me, than a few more messages in Hey Crafty b Wolfe here call me. The call was made and we had a great chat, then talked about a few parts for his 32 Ford Roadster he was building. I made a very custom WOLFE SPEED gas cap and a few other parts for the deuce. Next came the build of his original paint 36 Gulf oil Ford delivery truck that was built the old traditional style with a hipo flathead and everything that goes with it. Next came the Nash Healy which you saw on the show and is almost complete, it will be delivered soon to Mike.

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Kirk brown 

Crafty B 

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